Green Infrastructure Report

In support of the Greater Baltimore Wilderness Coalition, the Chesapeake Conservancy has produced the Green Infrastructure Report: Baltimore City to describe and promote three new technology resources to help guide the Coalition’s ongoing and future projects to expand and strengthen the network of green infrastructure in the Greater Baltimore Region. These resources will be used to advance goals to conserve existing green spaces, restore degraded lands, and connect citizens to the City’s natural resources. 

The report includes the following tools:

Baltimore City Land Cover Classification

Provides high-accuracy estimates of tree canopy cover and impervious surface to help prioritize areas for conservation and/or restoration. The classification can be viewed here:

Vacant Lot Opportunities Analyst

Identifies which of Baltimore’s ~17,000 vacant lots are suitable for certain green infrastructure projects (e.g. neighborhood park) using criteria outlined in the City’s Green Pattern Book.

Park Finder: Baltimore

A desktop and mobile web application that guides users to parks within a 5-, 10-, or 15-minute walk of their location. Visit the app here:


To learn more about the Greater Baltimore Wilderness Coalition, click here