Park Walkability

In support of the Greater Baltimore Wilderness Coalition (GBWC), the Chesapeake Conservancy has launched Park Finder: Baltimore, a web-based application that enables users to find public open spaces in Baltimore City. Users can enter an address in a desktop web-browser or mobile device to display which public open spaces are within a five, 10, or 15 minute walk from that location. Each open space entry includes a direct link to Google Maps, pre-configured with walking directions from the provided location.

GBWC members believe access to nature is a basic human need and American right. With Equity as a core pillar of the initiative, partners are keenly interested in ensuring that underserved neighborhoods and communities have renewed connections to their local environment.  Ideally, City residents and visitors will use this application to discover the parks most accessible to them or to petition for more green space in their communities. Park Finder: Baltimore encourages exploration of the City’s rich natural and cultural resources and promotes healthy and active lifetstyles.