Central PA Precision Conservation Partnership

Photo credit: Nicholas Tonelli / Flickr

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) awarded funding to Chesapeake Conservancy and the Precision Conservation Partnership for a major restoration initiative in central Pennsylvania. The funding is provided through the NFWF’s Innovative Nutrient and Sediment Reduction program. Sixteen partners make up the Precision Conservation Partnership and have strong connectivity to share and transfer knowledge within the region, accelerating community buy-in and restoration engagement through an innovative, hyper-local focused approach.

The three-year project will pair restoration with local partners in six central Pennsylvania counties bringing new funding to the region, resulting in full-farm restoration on 25-30 farms where the greatest benefits to water quality can be realized. This project has the potential to serve as a national model for coordinating on-the-ground implementation with high-resolution mapping to improve the health of streams such that they can be removed from Pennsylvania’s impaired streams list—a designation of poor stream quality assigned by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Collectively, the Central PA Precision Conservation Partnership has:

  • Raised over $1.64M to restore 18 Pennsylvania farms
  • Installed over 116 acres of streamside tree and shrub plantings
  • Installed over 5.7 miles of streambank fencing
  • Restored 6,600 linear feet of stream
  • Installed best management practices on 148,000 square feet of barnyards

If you would like to read more, see our press release.

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