Geospatial Program Manager

Katie is responsible for supporting projects within the Conservation Innovation Center (CIC), with a focus on geospatial analysis and coordinating with partners. Although there are a wide array of projects that support conservation and restoration efforts, her main focus has been on projects that support Chesapeake Bay TMDL goals—especially Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) development and achievement. These projects include mapping and prioritizing suitable locations for Best Management Practices (BMPs), developing solutions to better track and report BMP implementation, guiding technical service delivery strategies, and designing outreach support tools. Katie is dedicated to informing decision-making and outreach efforts with geospatial analysis and data visualization. She is passionate about working with partners to collaborate and find actionable solutions.

Before coming to the Conservancy, Katie was the Environmental Specialist for the GIS Program at Washington College’s Center for Environment & Society. She also had internships with Conservation International, Climate Institute, and the Severn River Association (now ShoreRivers). She got her B.A. in Environmental Studies from Washington College, with a concentration in Chesapeake Regional Studies and Anthropology. In her free time, she likes to game and cook when she’s indoors, but will take any offer to go hiking or kayaking.