Geospatial Analyst

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Mary has appreciated wildlife for as long as she can remember. Her love of playing outdoors as a child transformed into a love of running in the woods when she joined her cross-country team in high school, and later led her to getting involved in her university’s forest ecology lab.

Following a backpacking trip to collect tree-cores in Colorado alpine forests, and a camping safari in Botswana, Mary was inspired to pursue an education and career in conservation. Mary attained a Bachelor’s degree in Geography with an Ecology focus and a Master of Science degree in GIS with a Wildlife Conservation focus, both from Clark University.

Prior to joining the Conservancy, she worked with organizations like the National Park Service, the National Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Peace Parks Foundation. In her spare time, Mary enjoys listening to podcasts, wandering around bookstores, and hanging out with her dog.