CBP 2019 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is LiDAR?

LiDAR stands for “Light Detection and Ranging.” Please refer to NOAA’s page on LiDAR for more information.

What is NAIP?

NAIP stands for National Agricultural Imagery Program. Please refer to USDA’s page on NAIP imagery for more information.

How is the data being verified?

For each of the datasets we are creating new, we follow a Quality Control (QC) protocol and perform accuracy assessments as agreed upon with the EPA. Before it is released, land cover data is sent to constituent jurisdictions for feedback that gets incorporated into the QC process.

Where will this data be accessible?

TBD – we are currently working with partners to determine the best home for the data once created. Some data is currently available through our website, but we will be hosting final datasets and derivatives externally in the future. Updates will come as soon as we have a decision, and we will be e-mailing our current list-serves when the time comes.

What are the geographic priorities for the data and when can I expect it to be available?

– We’re currently collecting updated data to support generation of land cover and hydrology datasets. We are prioritizing areas where we have up-to-date NAIP imagery, LiDAR data, and planimetric data with plans to collect better data as it becomes available for all areas before we finish. We are also prioritizing based on partner needs (i.e. Lower Susquehanna, Shenandoah Valley, and other Effective Basins are being targeted to support numerous pilot projects and WIP planning).

– 2013/2014 land cover and land use data is already available via our website. Please refer to the links under Objective 1 for more details. Other data will be released as it is finished being reviewed, starting in summer 2020. Please refer to the Prospective Timeline section of this page for our best estimate of when the data will be available.

Please see Chesapeake Bay Program Status and Review section of our Web Applications page.

What data vintage are we using?

– Land cover is based on the NAIP vintages. We have data for 2013/2014 imagery and will be producing new data for 2017/2018 and 2021/2022. We will also incorporate the most up-to-date planimetric data that each jurisdiction can provide.
– data will be based on the best available LiDAR. LiDAR collection date and quality level will be included in the hydrography metadata.

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