The Conservation Innovation Center (CIC) was established in 2013 to use cutting-edge technology to empower data-driven conservation and restoration. Just as the use of technology changed the corporate world and made it more efficient, technology can do the same for the conservation movement. Through national and international partnerships, the CIC makes this data accessible for restoration professionals to practice precision conservation, yielding greater impact with fewer resources. Read about news coverage of the CIC.

Land Use Data Project 2013/2014

Precision Conservation

Precision conservation—projects at the right place, the right scale, the right size, the right time, and making sure they are working—is going to redefine how landscape conservation is approached. Using the latest high-resolution datasets to conduct advanced geospatial analysis allows us to better support conservation and restoration planning and implementation watershed-wide.

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This 1-meter dataset is composed of 17 land use classes in Virginia and 16 classes in all other jurisdictions in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. To create this dataset, the High-Resolution Land Cover (2013) dataset was modified using 13 ancillary datasets including data on zoning, land use, parcel boundaries, landfills , floodplains, and wetlands. To view or download these data at 1m-resolution, please see the viewer and download menus below. To view and download these data aggregated to 10-meter resolution, use the Phase 6 Land Use Viewer. Updates for the years 2017/2018 and 2021/2022 are currently planned, assuming NAIP continues as anticipated, and will be shared once complete (See our CBP Objective page for more information).

High-Resolution Land Use Viewer

This data viewer allows you to explore the high-resolution land cover dataset. To zoom to an area of interest type an address or place in the upper right. A 10m aggregated version of this data is accessible at the Chesapeake Bay Phase 6 Land Use Viewer.

High-Resolution Land Use Download Links

To download a dataset simply click a geography to expand and show the download link for your target dataset.

Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Chesapeake Bay Watershed

This is a large dataset (21.7 GB) and may take some time to download.

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