River Rock Outfitter – Champion of the Chesapeake

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April Peterson is the owner of River Rock Outfitter in Fredericksburg, VA. Since opening her shop she has been committed not only to the community, but also to protecting our water resources along the Rappahannock River and thus, the Chesapeake Bay. She has hosted and supported countless events to educate and take action to protect our waterways. She has sponsored and participated in many litter clean-ups, hosted, and sponsored educational movie events, she even developed a now annual music festival event called “Rock the River” in support of educating about and protecting the Rappahannock. April is constantly reaching out to local non-profits to connect them with grant opportunities she learns about through her distributors and elsewhere. April serves on the volunteer board for Friends of the Rappahannock and Main Street Program in Fredericksburg. She gives selflessly of her time and resources and never asks for recognition. She is a true Champion of the Chesapeake!

Congratulate River Rock Outfitter for being a Champion of the Chesapeake

My daughter Shelly shops in your store. 

– Marna Jones

Congratulations April and the River Rock team! Your store and staff add so much to our community, our River, and our amazing outdoor places. Thank you for all you do. Definitely stopping in the store ASAP to say hello and congrats!

– Bryan Hofmann

River Rock Outfitters is my go-to place for all of my outdoor gear. Congratulations to April, Keith and the entire RRO staff. See you on the river!

– Woodie Walker

April and River Rock,
We know by your actions you are true champions! Thanks for all you do!

– Daria Christian

Congrats! So excited for you and our wonderful little city! So well deserved!

– Cherie Michelle

April and Rock River, Congratulations. Thank you so very much for your commitment to the Rappahannock and thus our bay, and thus our watershed. Combining business, commitment and caring for our environment is, as you know far better than I do, essential for creating a better future for all who live in the watershed and its plants, animal, air and water systems. Thank you for your work, and for your example.

–¬†John Reynolds, Chesapeake Conservancy Board of Directors

Congratulations on this award! Well deserved!

– Kathleen Owens

Congratulations River Rock Outfitter! Thank you for being a great community leader in conservation.

– Emilie Lahneman

Well deserved!!!!

– Ann Glave