Joseph McCauley

Chesapeake Fellow/Adviser

Retired from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Joseph McCauley brings vast conservation experience, both at the policy level and in the field, to the Conservancy. As a Chesapeake fellow, he serves as a mentor to the Conservancy staff and enhances the organization’s conservation efforts in Virginia. McCauley most recently served as regional chief, Division of Realty, Northeast Region, USFWS, where he was responsible for overseeing real property acquisition within the 13 northeast states. During his career with the FWS and work with Chesapeake Conservancy, McCauley has worked with partners to conserve tens of thousands of acres in the Chesapeake and across the Atlantic Flyway. A graduate of West Virginia University, McCauley lives in the Richmond, Va., area. He and his wife Julia have two grown sons. In his spare time, McCauley enjoys fishing, gardening and birding.