For over four hundred years, the Chesapeake Bay has lured explorers seeking adventure, wonder, and fun. Today, these waters are yours to explore. Pick up your kayak, canoe, or paddle board and get out on the water.

Find a public access site near you and check out one of our paddle guides or paddle websites to get you started. 

Make sure you read up on how to stay safe out on the water by reading our Boater’s Guide.


Safety on the water is everyone’s responsibility. Though many of the waterways within the Chesapeake region are suitable for beginning boaters, there is also plenty of broad open water that demands respect. Sections of the rivers can funnel wind and develop nasty, choppy seas. Remember that accidents can happen on any type of water.

Whether you are paddling a kayak or piloting a trawler, it is important to build your boating skills, keep your vessel(s) in good operating condition, and review your safety guidelines before every trip. Read more…

Chesapeake Bay Public Access