Osprey Camera hits 100,000 views!

We are proud to announce that our Osprey Cam has hit over 100,000 views! Our resident ospreys, Tom and Audrey and their three chicks Chester, Essie, and Ozzie, have gained celebrity status with viewers from all 50 states and from 65 different countries. The Osprey Cam has generated so much attention that Chesapeake Conservancy’s Executive Director, Joel Dunn has been interviewed on NBC, Fox, NPR, and local newspapers.

The Osprey blog is visited daily by viewers who want to learn more about what is going on behind-the-scenes at the nest. Viewers are also active on the Conservancy’s Facebook page. Since the Osprey Cam was launched, the Facebook page has gone from 300 to over 900 followers. Devoted fans of Tom and Audrey frequently tune in to watch the resident ospreys go about their daily routine and share updates and questions on the Facebook page. Recently, over 700 people voted in our Osprey Naming Contest, chosing the names Chester, Essie, and Ozzie from ten possible names.

Recently, the Conservancy has reached out to the local community by issuing an osprey coloring contest. Participants from Matapeake Elementary School in Kent Island, Maryland submitted over 300 drawings and winners from each grade have been recognized. The grand prize winner will get to visit the osprey family in person!

The Osprey Cam is also finding its way into the classroom. A kindergarten class from Creekside Elementary School in Hartland, Michigan watched the Osprey Cam daily and recorded observations about the birds in their “Osprey Watching Books,” complete with osprey facts, observations, letters and drawings. The class used the Osprey Cam to learn about science and develop writing skills. Some of the drawings and observations recorded in these books will be posted to Chesapeake Conservancy’s website soon. The teacher also provided her curriculum so that local schools can incorporate the Osprey Cam into their lesson plans.

Keep watching the Osprey Cam as Chester, Essie and Ozzie continue to grow and learn to fly!