Chesapeake Conservancy Webcam Fans Vote to Name Babies

Annapolis, MD – The Chesapeake Conservancy has announced the results of polls to name the offspring viewable on the the organization’s wildlife webcams. More than 1,000 people voted in a survey from a variety of names submitted by donors to the Conservancy for the osprey, great blue heron, and peregrine falcon chicks.

The results for the 2016 season are:

Osprey – The osprey chick is named Chessie (short for Chesapeake).

Peregrine Falcon – The three peregrine falcon eyasses are named Charlie, Pratt, and Pauli after Charles Street, Pratt Street, and St. Paul Street in downtown Baltimore, where the nest is located.

Heron – The three heron chicks are named Felix, Lafayette, and Moe.

The Chesapeake Conservancy uses its live-streaming wildlife webcams to connect the public to the habitats that sustain Chesapeake species, such as osprey, herons, and peregrine falcons and to raise awareness for the Conservancy’s mission and conservation of the region. The webcams can be viewed at