New Paddling Resource for the Susquehanna River

New website features information for exploring the East Coast’s longest river

Annapolis, MD – Chesapeake Conservancy and the National Park Service Chesapeake Bay Office want visitors and residents of New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland to experience the beauty and history of the Susquehanna River. Visit their new partnership website,, to learn where to go, what to do, and how to enjoy the river.

The new website serves as a home for launch information, water trails, and trip itineraries for the four regions of the river, including the North Branch, West Branch, Middle, and Lower sections. Blog content highlights specific places, activities, and personal first-hand experiences. Content will continue to be added to the site.

Several regional partners collaborated with the Chesapeake Conservancy to develop the content for the website, including Susquehanna National Heritage Area, Susquehanna Greenway Partnership, and the Susquehanna River Trail Association.

The new website joins and—created by Sultana Education Foundation and the National Park Service Chesapeake Bay—and in linking paddlers to the waterways throughout the Chesapeake. The Paddle series serve as companion websites to, the National Park Service and Chesapeake Conservancy’s partnership tourism-focused website that features authentic Chesapeake experiences and over 350 special places around the region.

The Paddle websites and Find Your Chesapeake display public access sites throughout the Chesapeake to help visitors explore the region. “Our goal is to help people learn about ways they can explore the Chesapeake and its great rivers like the Susquehanna and the Potomac. We know that when people feel connected to a resource like the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail, they’ll be more likely to help take care of it. These information-packed websites are meant to encourage outdoor recreation, which not only helps create the next generation of conservation stewards, but also helps the local economy,” said Chesapeake Conservancy Vice President Susan Shingledecker.

Development of the Paddle websites and Find Your Chesapeake is supported by technical and financial assistance from the National Park Service’s Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network.

“For almost two decades, the National Park Service has been helping Susquehanna River partners develop water trails, maps, boat launches and signage to help get people on water,” said NPS Chesapeake Office Superintendent Wendy O’Sullivan. “ takes that work to a new level, making it easier than ever to find places to experience this majestic river.”

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