Protect Special Places

Across the Chesapeake region, the deep connections between the land, water, plants, and wildlife shape our culture and our communities. At the Chesapeake Conservancy we aim to conserve the diversity and beauty of our region’s landscapes and their unique mix of cultural, historical, and ecological value.

Saving the special places of the Chesapeake is an urgent task. The Bay ecosystem is vital to our quality of life-nevertheless, we are witnessing deforestation, rapid conversion of open space to commercial and residential development, loss of fish and wildlife habitat, and dangerously poor water quality.  To help make a difference, to donate to the Chesapeake Conservancy and support our work to conserve the Bay’s natural and cultural resources.

By conserving the Bay’s special places, we can begin to address key threats to our rivers and the Bay, protect significant ecosystems, allow more public access, provide wildlife habitat, and enhance tourism and outdoor recreation. We can sustain the potential for the next generation to connect to the natural world and leave an important legacy to future generations.

In 2011 the Conservancy established the Jean W. Douglas Special Places Fund.  The Fund honors the enduring legacy of Jean Douglas, who was known for her pioneering support of conservation and farmland protection. As the first named Special Places Fund, the Jean W. Douglas Fund provides a source of capital for high priority conservation acquisitions, in partnership with local and regional land trusts, public agencies and Bay communities. Most importantly Jean Douglas’ memory will continue to inspire significant conservation successes as we implement our vision for a connected network of conservation landscapes across the Chesapeake region.

Take part in creating a bold new conservation vision for the Chesapeake Bay by supporting the Special Places Fund. Your generous contribution will be leveraged with other public and private dollars to conserve the

Chesapeake Conservancy’s top priorities, properties with high cultural, natural, historical, and recreational value. We’ve designed the Special Places Fund to stretch your donation as far as possible and hope you’ll join us in safeguarding the Chesapeake Bay’s natural and cultural legacy for future generations.

When we succeed, communities around the Chesapeake will benefit from conservation of treasured natural, cultural, and historical resources that protect the unique character of our region. More people will gain access to the Chesapeake’s great outdoors, and future generations will forever enjoy the special landscapes along the Bay’s great rivers.

Contact the Chesapeake Conservancy now at (443) 321-3610 to find out more about our Special Places Fund and how you can be a part of safeguarding the Chesapeake Bay’s unique lands and waters for future generations.